FREE with a Church Video License,* the ScreenVue Vault offers 11,000+ Scene Ideas and Downloads from a variety of movies and resources.

ScreenVue saves you hours of time finding that perfect movie illustration for next Sunday’s sermon, child or youth service, or video announcement!

SCENE IDEAS: include a scene summary, themes and time cues (using your own copy or rental; via Blu-ray, DVD, digital download or stream).

SCENE DOWNLOADS*: simply preview, download and use instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The ScreenVue Vault offers two different types of SCENES: clip-idea-icon SCENE IDEAS: Use your own movie with our cues and details.

To use a SCENE IDEA:

  • Sign-In.
  • Select a Scene (by selecting a MOVIE, a THEME, or by using SEARCH).
  • Utilize the displayed Start/End Times, synopsis and suggested themes.
  • Have the specific Blu-ray, DVD, digital download or stream cued to the appropriate Start Time (by using the Blu-ray, DVD, digital download or stream you already own or rent).
  • You're now ready to show the Scene to your audience at just the right time in your message!

clip-download-icon SCENE DOWNLOADS: Preview, download and use instantly.


  • Sign-In.
  • Select a Scene (by selecting a MOVIE, a THEME, or by using SEARCH).
  • Click the PREVIEW button to preview the Scene first, if desired.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button.
  • Click SAVE, and specify where you want the file saved to.
  • Implement the file into your chosen presentation software!

Please Note

*ScreenVue Vault access is free with a Total Producer Package or Standard CVLI Video License in the USA or with any Church Video Licence globally.

*Before using ScreenVue content, please check your country’s Authorised Producers List to confirm the content is covered (all ScreenVue content is covered in the USA).

*CVLI & ScreenVue do not necessarily endorse the entire content of any movie listed. Before showing any movie, in whole or in part, please preview and determine if the footage is appropriate for your intended audience.

*ScreenVue does not sell or rent entire digital copies of movies to download. To purchase or rent entire movies, please access services like Amazon, Google or Vudu.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)