This Changed Everything

2015, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:David Peters

Actors:David Suchet, Dr. Frank James, Dr. John Armstrong, Dr. Jacqueline Rose, Dr. Michael Horton

Plot:500 Years of the Reformation celebrates the fruits of the Reformation while exploring difficult questions about the cost of division: Could schism have been avoided? Is there hope for reunification? What did Jesus really mean when He prayed for His followers to be "one"?

Scene #1  Religious culture Luther born into  (SV02491)

The religious culture Martin Luther is born into is discussed, including: original sin baptism, infant mortality rate, massive epidemics, and the church's role during the crisis of life.    (Episode 1)

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Religious culture Luther born into (SV02491)

Movie: This Changed Everything
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1 Religious culture Luther born into
Themes: Baptism, Culture, Sin, Religion, Sickness, Legalism
2 Grace and good works in the Medieval Church
Themes: Afterlife, Grace, Religion, Works, Legalism
3 Celibacy: another sacred cow Luther debunks
Themes: Freedom, Law, Rebellion, Religion, Marriage, Love, Rules
4 Luther & Zwingli leave Protestantism divided
Themes: Community, Disagree, Religion, Passion, Unity, Quarreling
5 Luther's ironic criticism of other "reformers"
Themes: Challenges, Disagree, Pride, Religion, Stubbornness
6 Protestants now "separated brothers" not "heretics"
Themes: Acceptance, Belief, Religion, Unity, God's Word