Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon

1964, Public Domain, NR, Cult Classic

Director:Domenico Paolella

Actors:Peter Lupus, Helga Liné, Livio Lorenzon, Tullio Altamura, Mario Petri, Anna Maria Polani

Plot:In the "So-Bad-They're-Good" movie category, Hercules is sent to free Asparia, Queen of the Hellenes, who has been captured by the Babylonians, but manages to hide her identity and lives as a common slave among them!

Scene #1  Hercules heroically sets the captives free!  (SV02531)

After the Babylonian army captures a bunch of Hellenes commoners to use for slaves, Hercules shows up out of nowhere launching boulders and swinging a giant club - easily setting the captives free!

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Hercules heroically sets the captives free! (SV02531)

Movie: Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon
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1 Hercules heroically sets the captives free!
Themes: Freedom, Heroes, Strength, Salvation, Rescue, Slavery
2 Tortured slaves unite to save Queen!
Themes: Helping Others, Loyalty, Suffering, Sacrifice, Unity, Slavery
3 No dialogue, only expressive close-ups tell story!
Themes: Deception, Feelings, Hidden Danger, Strength, Hidden Agenda, Overcoming Challenges, Surprise
4 Hercules opens massive rubberized wall?
Themes: Escape, Fake, Fraud, Irritation, Strength
5 Hercules removes rubber wall to free slaves!
Themes: Escape, Fake, Heroes, Fraud, Irritation, Freedom, Slavery