Plan 9 from Outer Space

1959, Public Domain, NR, Cult Classic

Director:Edward D. Wood Jr.

Actors:Bela Lugosi, Vampira, Gregory Walcott, Tor Johnson, Duke Moore, Mona McKinnon, Joanna Lee, John Breckinridge, Dudley Manlove, Criswell

Plot:The epitome of "So-Bad-They're-Good" cinema, this is often called the worst movie ever made: with its incoherent plot, jaw-droppingly odd dialogue, inept acting, threadbare production design, and special effects so shoddy that they border on the surreal. But it's an oddly endearing disaster; boasting genuine enthusiasm and undeniable charm, it is the work of people who loved movies and loved making them, even if they displayed little visible talent.

Scene #1  "Psychic" reveals secrets of coming terror!  (SV01901)

"The Amazing Criswell" -- an American psychic known for wildly inaccurate predictions back in the '50s -- narrates the opening with goofy lines, such as: "Future events, such as these, will affect you in the future!"

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  • End Time: *******

Start Cue: *******

End Cue: *******

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"Psychic" reveals secrets of coming terror! (SV01901)

Movie: Plan 9 from Outer Space
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1 "Psychic" reveals secrets of coming terror!
Themes: Confusion, Excessive, Fake, Foolishness, Future, Mystery
2 "Pilot" overreacts to UFO on string!
Themes: Excessive, Fake, Gullible, Unknown, Mystery
3 Man tormented with bad acting skills!
Themes: Complaining, Disobedience, Fake, Excessive, Marriage, Mystery
4 Lieutenant obviously failed gun safety class!
Themes: Authority, Danger, Leadership, Gullible, Foolishness, Mystery, Safety
5 Army's full arsenal can't bring down toy saucers!
Themes: Confronting Evil, Fear, Power, Panic, Retaliation, Unknown, War
6 Colonel ponders purpose of UFOs!
Themes: Deception, Hidden Danger, Questions, Mystery, Secrets
7 "As long as they can THINK, we'll have problems!"
Themes: Authority, Bosses, Evil Men, Thinking Fast, Deception, Desperation
8 Husband OK to leave wife with UFOs & zombies!
Themes: Complacency, Fear, Lonliness, Gullible, Safety, Passion within Marriage, Worry
9 Cop unhappily agrees to "spook-details!"
Themes: Authority, Bosses, Leadership, Meanness, Obedience, Mystery
10 Supposed zombie almost foiled by curtain!
Themes: Attack, Control, Fake, Disappointment, Fear, Reality
11 People forget to flee slow moving zombie!
Themes: Evil Men, Foolishness, Gullible, Satan
12 "All you of Earth are idiots!" lectures alien!
Themes: Consequences, Controlling the Tongue, Foolishness, Pride, War, Death
13 Men fight off "aliens" in space box (ship?)!
Themes: Confrontation, Consequences, Fake, Escape, Evil