2016, Vision Video, NR, Drama

Director:Jarod O'Flaherty

Actors:Ben Davies, Kat Steffens, Sara Cicilian, Sonya Davis, Todd Terry

Plot:Caught in the cross-hairs of a criminal investigation, Derek recalls the details of his failing marriage and whirlwind affair to a suspicious team of detectives. As the intricacies of his alibi are presented, it becomes obvious that Derek’s story is too convenient for his circumstances.

Scene #1  Wife confronts husband over texts from female  (SV02511)

While working on his sport-scar in the garage, Derek's wife confronts him about a "Rebecca" that has been messaging him all evening. To deflect anything inappropriate, Derek plays dumb, overreacts about his privacy and gets sarcastic - obviously lying about something. Derek finally asks what she wants.    Rebecca: "I want things to be like when we were dating and in love; to go to church as a family and not have to lie to our son about why Daddy doesn't go. I want to know that you still care about me."

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Wife confronts husband over texts from female (SV02511)

Movie: Vindication
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1 Wife confronts husband over texts from female
Themes: Adultery, Church, Confrontation, Honesty, Lying, Marriage
2 Man takes next step toward adultery
Themes: Adultery, Dishonor, Foolishness, Hidden Danger, Flirting, Temptation
3 Men's Group affects adultery temptation
Themes: Adultery, Consequences, Manhood, Influence, Honesty, God's Word, Vulnerability
4 Man asks wife's forgiveness for starting affair
Themes: Distrust, God's Intervention, Manhood, Honesty, Prayer, Marriage, Repentance
5 Man's affair path almost costs his life
Themes: Adultery, Choices, Consequences, Mercy, God's Intervention, Death