Somebody's Daughter (freedom/Porn)

2008, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:John Evans


Plot:Three men and a husband and wife share their intensely personal struggle of how pornography crept in and ravaged their lives. From abuser to victim, its introduction seemed harmless but proved to be an infectious destroyer. Included: relevant and poignant music videos featuring original songs.

Scene #1  Music video: "Never Shake His Hand"  (SV01501)

Hard-hitting, truthful and shocking music video symbolizing the spiritual darkness and destruction of porn's alluring vice.    (Caution: disturbing images)

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Music video: "Never Shake His Hand" (SV01501)

Movie: Somebody's Daughter (freedom/Porn)
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1 Music video: "Never Shake His Hand"
Themes: Addiction, Foolishness, Gullible, Hidden Danger, Lust, Pornography, Sin, Temptation
2 Music video: "Losing Ground"
Themes: Addiction, Lust, Manhood, Overcoming Challenges, Pornography, Temptation
3 Music video: "Free"
Themes: Addiction, Freedom, Lust, Overcomer, Sin, Temptation
4 Music video: "Somebody's Daughter"
Themes: Addiction, Family, Lust, Overcoming Challenges, Pornography, Temptation
5 Porn 101: Christian men talk hypocrisy
Themes: Addiction, Hidden Sin, Hypocrisy, Lust, Pain, Pornography, Temptation
6 Porn 102: wife gives woman's perspective
Themes: Manipulation, Marriage, Pain, Pornography, Self Image, Women
7 Porn 103: follows people into marriage
Themes: Consequences, Hidden Sin, Lust, Marriage, Pornography, Problems
8 Porn 104: getting caught
Themes: Confession, Consequences, Hidden Sin, Honesty, Pornography, Role Models, Unexpected
9 Porn 201: understanding porn's affects
Themes: Consequences, Deception, Lust, Marriage, Pornography, Trust
10 Porn 202: reveal the secret, tell someone
Themes: Communication, Confession, Helping Others, Hidden Sin, Pornography, Self Realizations
11 Porn 203: take a stand and draw a line
Themes: Addiction, Adversity, Foolishness, Overcoming Challenges, Pornography, Unity
12 Porn 301: trusting God to overcome
Themes: Believing in Yourself, Determination, Forgiveness, Grace, Overcomer, Pornography, Reconciliation, Trusting God
13 Porn 302: the freedom cry
Themes: Addiction, Determination, Freedom, Overcoming Challenges, Pornography, Victory