My Son

2013, Vision Video, NR, Drama

Director:Jarod O'Flaherty

Actors:Restin Burk, Kate Randall, Micheal Willbanks, Joe Madlock

Plot:When Jess loses custody of her son, she and her boyfriend Cadon become willing accomplices in a foolish kidnapping plot - orchestrated by Cadon’s deviant friend Bo.

Scene #1  Mother with rowdy boys kicked out of church  (SV02571)

Mom arrives late for Sunday morning service with her son Cadon and his two friends, Bo and Dillon. While the pastor is preaching, the boys immediately create a disturbance until they are finally asked to leave. Outside, Bo - not happy that a church would kick them out - throws rocks at the building, "I thought God was supposed to be nice!"

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Mother with rowdy boys kicked out of church (SV02571)

Movie: My Son
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1 Mother with rowdy boys kicked out of church
Themes: Church, Disobedience, Prejudice, Rejection, Teen Issues, Parenting
2 Misspending couple shoplift milk to feed baby
Themes: Deception, Dishonor, Foolishness, Raising Children, Poverty
3 Ex-con struggles with employment application
Themes: Honesty, Past, Work Ethic, Transformation, Risk
4 Father's first dinner with estranged daughter
Themes: Family, Father-Daughter, Hope, Forgiveness, Forgetting the Past, Transformation
5 Estranged daughter fights with parents
Themes: Emotions, Marriage, Parent-Child Relationship, Overcoming Challenges, Misunderstanding, Parenting