I Believe in Easter

2014, Vision Video, NR, Docu-drama

Director:Gary Wilkinson

Actors:Levi James

Plot:Easter - It is a word with origins in pagan tradition and yet it has come to embody the oldest and most important festival in Christianity. Discover the origins of Easter in this thoroughly researched docu-drama.

Scene #1  History of Easter, bunnies, eggs & chocolate  (SV02371)

"Many ancient cultures would celebrate the Spring with festivals and rituals. Symbols associated with these, like the Easter bunny and eggs have become part of Easter. Rabbits were powerful symbols of fertility and were associated with Springtime. The hare in ancient Egypt and Europe was a symbol of fertility. The Easter bunny has acquired the cherished role as the legendary producer of Easter eggs for children in many countries. Rabbits don't lay eggs... do they?"

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History of Easter, bunnies, eggs & chocolate (SV02371)

Movie: I Believe in Easter
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1 History of Easter, bunnies, eggs & chocolate
Themes: Culture, Easter, Foolishness, History, Tradition
2 Isaiah's prediction of coming Messiah dramatized
Themes: Easter, Fulfillment, Healing, Prophecy, Jesus, Redemption, Sacrifice, Salvation
3 The Last Supper dramatized
Themes: Betrayal, Communion, Fellowship, Jesus, Easter
4 Easter Resurrection from Luke 24
Themes: Easter, Jesus, Salvation, Redemption, Resurrection