1985, Vision Video, NR, Drama

Director:Stuart Cooper

Actors:Ian McShane, Susan Sarandon, Anthony Andrews, Paul Freeman, Vincent Riotta, James Mason, Ava Gardner, Michael Wilding, Jr., Ben Vereen, John Houseman, Richard Roundtree, Denis Quilley, Colleen Dewhurst, Philip Sayer

Plot:Set just after the death of Jesus Christ, this mini-series chronicles the life & adventures of Jesus's disciples, and events in Rome during the reigns of the Emperors Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero.

Scene #1  Jesus shows wounds to doubting Thomas  (SV01661)

While the disciples remain hidden behind closed doors for fear of the Jews, others excitedly arrive with news of seeing the risen Lord.    All are encouraged -- except Thomas: "Seeing is believing."    But Jesus suddenly appears among them and allows Thomas to touch His scars: "Blessed are they who have not seen and yet believe."

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Jesus shows wounds to doubting Thomas (SV01661)

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1 Jesus shows wounds to doubting Thomas
Themes: Doubt, Easter, Evidence, Faith, Trust, Unbelief
2 Peter heals crippled man at Gate Beautiful
Themes: Compassion, Faith, God's Character, Healing, Helping Others, Miracles, Sickness
3 Saul watches the stoning of Stephen
Themes: Forgiveness, Innocence, Martyrs, Persecution, Religion, Sacrifice
4 Simon the Magician asks Peter for power
Themes: Confusion, Correction, Discipline, Foolishness, Greed, Power Hungry
5 Angel frees Peter from prison
Themes: Angels, Freedom, God's Intervention, Ministers, Miracles, Prayer Answered