Love and Support

2001, C3 Entertainment, NR, Comedy

Director:Joe Furey

Actors:Joe Furey, Pat Finn, Kristin Dattilo, Jenna Byrne

Plot:Martin Lewis's girlfriend just dumped him. His life is going nowhere, fast, until he joins a support group for lonely hearts and meets Russell, a goofy but likable guy with a girlfriend problem of his own.

Scene #1  Woman breaks up with unmotivated man  (SV02581)

Parking after an evening date to discuss their relationship, Elaine wants to breakup with Martin, who wants to know why.    Elaine: "Am I suppose to give you a list?"    Martin does.    Elaine: "Ok, I feel like I'm a very ambitious person, and I like to do a lot of different things; you on the other hand don't like to do new things, you don't like to meet new people; you're not very adventurousness, you're not very ambitious. I mean you've been at the same job for two years, and you complain all the time about it, but you don't do anything about it. It's like you're this incredibly stagnant person, and together we are this incredibly stagnant couple. And I know you want to move forward and I know you want to make changes, and I hear you talking about it, but it's like you're too afraid to do anything about it; so in the end, you do nothing. I'm sorry..."    After she leaves the car and walks away, he follows her and eventually just stops and stares after her - until the next morning!

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Woman breaks up with unmotivated man (SV02581)

Movie: Love and Support
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1 Woman breaks up with unmotivated man
Themes: Communication, Dating, Honesty, Determination, Laziness, Motivation, Rejection
2 Man relentlessly hounds ex-girlfriend
Themes: Clueless, Dating, Lonliness, Rejection, Determination, Relationships
3 Man struggles getting rid of pesky leech
Themes: Deception, Determination, Gullible, Foolishness, Irritation, Friendship
4 Pest determined to drive car
Themes: Danger, Determination, Foolishness, Irritation, Friendliness
5 Obsessed man releases ex-girlfriend from trunk
Themes: Clueless, Dating, Rejection, Obsession, Determination, Denial with Dignity, Relationships