History of Christian Worship, Pt. 4, A

2011, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Tom Dallis

Actors:Darlene Zschech, Bob Souer, J.I. Packer, Jason Houser

Plot:Part 4: The Music explores how liturgy and music have enriched the celebration of God's story throughout centuries of Christianity - from chant to hymns to contemporary worship.

Scene #1  History/appeal of Gregorian Chant  (SV02071)

"Plain Song and Gregorian Chant are monophonic forms of music; which means there is a single line of melody, often sung without accompaniment, in a free rhythm, rather than a strict mathematical timing. The style strips the music to its barest elements and allows for greater concentration on the text itself... This moved the church forward to The Reformation, where Martin Luther and John Calvin would introduce "hymns."

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History/appeal of Gregorian Chant (SV02071)

Movie: History of Christian Worship, Pt. 4, A
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1 History/appeal of Gregorian Chant
Themes: Church, History, Music, Praise, Unity, Worship
2 Charismatics use instruments & bodies in worship!
Themes: Action, Enthusiasm, Holy Spirit, Music, Passion, Progress, Worship
3 "Worship Wars:" Contemporary vs. Traditional
Themes: Church, Disagree, History, Music, Worship
4 Hillsong's Darlene Zschech interviewed
Themes: God's Character, Music, Power, Worship, Worship Leader
5 Seeds Family Worship's Jason Houser interviewed
Themes: Children, Example, God's Word, Music, Parenting, Worship, Worship Leader