Planet of Dinosaurs

1977, Public Domain, PG, Cult Classic

Director:James K. Shea

Actors:James Whitworth, Max Thayer, Derna Wylde, Pamela Bottaro, Louie Lawless, Charlotte Speer, Harvey Shain, Chuck Pennington

Plot:In the "So-Bad-They're-Good" movie category (most of the film's budget was spent on dino effects - award winning at the time - leaving very little for props or even to pay the "actors"), Captain Lee and his crew crash land on a planet similar to Earth. Soon the crew discovers that there are dinosaurs on the planet, and blood-thirsty buggers at that.

Scene #1  Bad actors crash land on unchartered planet!  (SV01771)

With almost the entire film's budget spent on dino effects, very little is left over for props or even to pay the "actors" -- evidenced in this scene were the lame thespians have a mechanical failure aboard their spaceship, forcing Captain Lee to crash land on an unknown planet (which conveniently has atmosphere and conditions just like Earth!). Amazingly, this is the only space movie were the crew actually wear seatbelts... showcased by the close-ups.

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Bad actors crash land on unchartered planet! (SV01771)

Movie: Planet of Dinosaurs
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1 Bad actors crash land on unchartered planet!
Themes: Bad News, Blessings, Fake, Bosses, Irritation, Exaggeration, Problems
2 "No one does what he thinks is right!"
Themes: Choices, Correction, Leadership, Foolishness, Repentance
3 Castaways witness pretty sweet dino animation!
Themes: Bravery, Cheating, Fear, Danger, Priorities, Risk, Swindle
4 Dino thankfully kills lame actor!
Themes: Foolishness, Justice, Thankfulness, Obnoxious, Mothers
5 Woman terrified of fake spider!
Themes: Attitude, Exaggeration, Fake, Excessive, Horror
6 Manly geek tries making science joke!
Themes: Depression, Encouragement, Problems, Hopelessness, Laughter
7 Castaways celebrate killing puny dinosaur!
Themes: Coward, Enjoying Life, Exaggeration, Success, Teamwork
8 NEVER go back for the laser!
Themes: Foolishness, Gluttony, Mistakes, Romance
9 Lame leader suddenly smart when he runs!
Themes: Bullying, Disagree, Hypocrisy, Ego, Leaders, Quarreling, Rebellion
10 Humans kill best actor in movie!
Themes: Disbelief, Impossible Odds, Victory, Overcomer, Tragedy, Teamwork