BIG WAVE: The Movie

2007, Bedford Entertainment, NR, Documentary

Director:Jorge Guimar√£es, Rosaldo Cavalcanti

Actors:Mike Parsons, Garret McNamara, Rodrigo Resende

Plot:This incredible and beautifully shot film investigates the physical and spiritual experience inherent in the extreme sport of Tow-In Surfing. Surfers are towed by personal watercrafts into "Jaws," the monstrous waves located in the Maui Island, which are taller than a five-story building.

Scene #1  Tow-In surfing explained -- with risk of death  (SV01401)

Footage is shown of extreme surfers taking on gigantic waves as expert Ken Bradshaw explains: "You'll get the best rides of your life, but guaranteed, you're going to get the worst wipeouts you could ever imagine (surfer 'Skindog' is later shown being 'eaten' by a monster wave). And if you're not ready for it, if you're not trained for it, if you're not mentally prepared for could die. ...If you can't hold your breath for 90 seconds under duress, you have no business being out there."

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Tow-In surfing explained -- with risk of death (SV01401)

Movie: BIG WAVE: The Movie
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1 Tow-In surfing explained -- with risk of death
Themes: Adventure, Choices, Foolishness, Sports, Risk
2 Surfing fear: "Fear is a state of mind"
Themes: Adventure, Fear, Training, Risk
3 Tow-In surfing: constant rescue procedure
Themes: Adventure, Danger, Passion, Evangelism, Ministers, Risk
4 Surfing fear: "You'd be stupid NOT to be scared"
Themes: Adventure, Fear, Foolishness, Honesty, Risk
5 Surfers wipeout in monstrous waves
Themes: Endurance, Failure, Fear, Life, Risk
6 Mental and physical demands of big wave surfing
Themes: Commitment, Danger, Endurance, Risk
7 Daredevil surfer risks life riding big waves
Themes: Adventure, Competitiveness, Excessive, Risk
8 Surfer fight to survive massive wipeouts
Themes: Danger, Endurance, Foolishness, Excessive, Survival, Evangelism
9 Surfer scores perfect 10 riding massive wave
Themes: Courage, Endurance, Power, Spiritual Warfare, Life, Excellence