By War & By God

2015, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Kent C. Williamson

Actors:Mike Bernardo, Pat Cameron, Phil Carney, Dave Carlson

Plot:The traumatic, yet redeeming story of a small group of soldiers whose lives were forever shaped by war, but whose faith leads them back to Vietnam to love, serve, and care for the people of a most beautiful land.

Scene #1  Men return to emotional spot in Vietnam  (SV02561)

Veterans emotionally return to Vietnam battle locations where they fought and where many of their fellow soldiers gave their lives.    "Okay, Kenny, this shots for you. Somewhere down that way, you stepped on that booby-trap I told you to look out for. Thank God you made it home. We can laugh about it now - wasn't funny then..."

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Men return to emotional spot in Vietnam (SV02561)

Movie: By War & By God
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1 Men return to emotional spot in Vietnam
Themes: Friendship, Sacrifice, War Heroes, War, Unity, Veterans
2 Vets discuss politics of Vietnam War
Themes: Confusion, Frustration, Futility, War, Veterans
3 Vets With A Mission (VWAM) program
Themes: Compassion, Forgiveness, Friendship, Reconciliation, Veterans, Loving Enemies, War
4 Medical missions changing lives
Themes: Children, Helping Others, Sickness, Veterans, Missions, Making a Difference
5 Viet Cong and American enemy meet
Themes: Forgiveness, God's Intervention, Healing, Reconciliation, Veterans, Loving Enemies