June Bride: Redemption of a Yakuza

2015, First Pond Entertainment, NR, Documentary

Director:Derek Shimoda

Actors:Tatsuya Shindo

Plot:A documentary about Tatsuya Shindo, a former mobster turned preacher, who seeks forgiveness for a life's worth of disappointment and crime in his makeshift church - June Bride - at one time a smoke-filled bar. Hanging on Shindo's every word is his loyal congregation, an eclectic mix of tattooed ex-convicts and wayward souls who want to start over.

Scene #1  Ex-con becomes pastor, reaches other ex-cons  (SV02621)

Tatsuya Shindo, a former Japanese mobster turned preacher, reaches out to other ex-cons.

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Ex-con becomes pastor, reaches other ex-cons (SV02621)

Movie: June Bride: Redemption of a Yakuza
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1 Ex-con becomes pastor, reaches other ex-cons
Themes: Conversion, Forgetting the Past, Influence, Helping Others, Ministers
2 Man's transformation from mobster to pastor
Themes: Consequences, Rebellion, Transformation, Teen Issues, Salvation
3 Pastor's challenges holding church in popular bar
Themes: Challenges, Church, Helping Others, Evangelism, Ministers
4 Ex-con shares first experience with scary pastor
Themes: Church, Helping Others, Transformation, Ministers, Redemption
5 Ex-con pastor is given estranged daughter to raise
Themes: Choices, Consequences, Teen Issues, Father-Daughter, Parenting