Many Beautiful Things

2015, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Laura Waters Hinson

Actors:Ashley Lane Adams, Michelle Dockery, Jerry Eisley, John Rhys-Davies

Plot:Lilias Trotter lived in the Victorian England era when women were thought incapable of producing high art. Enter England's top art critic, John Ruskin, who promised that her work could be "immortal." But with her legacy on the line, Lilias makes a stunning life-altering decision.

Scene #1  Young prodigy's ability to capture beauty  (SV02551)

Lilias Trotter lived in the Victorian England era when women were thought incapable of producing high art. Yet she became a contemplative and visionary artist and British writer. Even at a very young age, her mother discovers her amazing ability to capture images quickly and record things in a beautiful and extraordinary way from her tender spirit.

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Young prodigy's ability to capture beauty (SV02551)

Movie: Many Beautiful Things
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1 Young prodigy's ability to capture beauty
Themes: Beauty, Gifting, Vision, Women, God's Evidence
2 Girl changes art critic's opinion of women artists
Themes: Change, Favor, Impossible Odds, Mentoring, Gifting, God's Plan, Women
3 Pastor's wife explains obsession with Trotter
Themes: Determination, Focus, History, Influence, Passion, Obsession
4 Master and protégé share similar awe of creation
Themes: Creation vs Evolution, Focus, Teachability, Mentoring, Learning, Relationships
5 Gifted painter chooses missions over fame
Themes: Decisions, Destiny, Life Choices, Helping Others, Gifting, Missions, Servanthood, Modesty
6 Trotter's women's ministry ahead of its time
Themes: Choices, Helping Others, Servanthood, Influence, Missions, Making a Difference, Unconditional Love
7 Missionary/gifted artist sees vision in death
Themes: Death, Faithfulness, Heaven, Women, Missions