Keeping Mum

2005, ThinkFilms, R, Dramedy

Director:Niall Johnson

Actors:Rowan Atkinson, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Maggie Smith, Patrick Swayze

Plot:Walter is the vicar of a small English parish who has allowed his marriage to go stale, his 17-year-old daughter to further her rebellion, and his son to be bullied at school. His problems start to fade after the new housekeeper arrives -- resembling a dark and mysterious version of Mary Poppins.

Scene #1  Part 1: Minister refuses passionate invitation from wife  (SV01147)

Walter (a minister) has allowed his marriage to go stale. Desperate for affection, his wife Gloria corners him before he leaves for work: “You know, Lillian and Brian have made love in every single room in their house.” Walter: “Their house is smaller.” Gloria: “Yes, but they went around twice!” Walter: “I’m late for work already.” Gloria: “Oh, what’s half an hour? You take this off (his collar) and you’re just a man…” He does nothing, however, causing her to give up.

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Part 1: Minister refuses passionate invitation from wife (SV01147)

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1 Part 1: Minister refuses passionate invitation from wife
Themes: Passion within Marriage
2 Part 2: Minister's wife longs for husband's attention
Themes: Passion within Marriage
3 Minister struggles being soccer goalie
Themes: Gifting
4 Minister struggles preparing sermon
Themes: Ministers
5 Part 3: Minister rekindles passion with Song of Solomon
Themes: Passion within Marriage
6 School bullies underestimate grandmother's resolve
Themes: Underestimate