Guardian, The (2006)

2006, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, PG-13, Action & Adventure

Director:Andrew Davis

Actors:Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher, Sela Ward, Clancy Brown, Melissa Sagemiller

Plot:Inside the world of the elite Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers, legendary swimmer Ben Randall, reeling with grief in the wake of a mission gone tragically wrong, is given a mission he doesn't want - training raw recruits. Once there, he knocks heads with cocky swimming champ, Jake Fischer.

Scene #1  Student panics in face of chaos, fails test  (CV02005)

During a training exercise, Hodge jumps into the pool to save a classmate who is pretending to be a drowning victim. But before Hodge can make a move, an instructor surprises him from behind and pulls him under -- showing the students the dangers and unpredictability of other panicked victims. Hodge panics himself (unable to aggressively free himself from his captor) and is repeatedly pulled under. Hodge calls timeout, fails the test, and is lectured about being calm in the face of chaos.

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Student panics in face of chaos, fails test (CV02005)

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1 Student panics in face of chaos, fails test
Themes: Fear, Tough Love, Training
2 Instructor encourages student to honor his gift
Themes: Forgetting the Past, Gifting, Mentoring
3 Instructor leaves students in open water to fend for themselves
Themes: Storms of Life, Training, Unity
4 Student finally passes tough test with aggression
Themes: Overcomer, Priorities, Training
5 Rescue team decides to risk own lives than fly to safety
Themes: Choices, Helping Others, Sacrifice
6 Recruits told no greater calling than saving lives
Themes: Evangelism, Helping Others, Servanthood
7 Panicked m...
Themes: Fear, Marriage, Selfishness
8 Man return...
Themes: Divorce, Marriage, Priorities
9 Young hots...
Themes: Honor, Mentoring, Pride
10 Life Guard...
Themes: Despair, Helping Others, Witnessing
11 One victim...
Themes: Consequences, Fear, Trust
12 Rescuer re...
Themes: Friendship, Loyalty, Sacrifice
13 Rescue wor...
Themes: Encouragement, Helping Others, Sacrifice
14 Mentor sac...
Themes: Friendship, Leadership, Sacrifice
15 Man rescue...
Themes: Angels, Faith, God's Intervention
16 Instructor...
Themes: Evangelism, Priorities, Servanthood
17 Recruits t...
Themes: Teamwork, Tough Love, Training
18 Recruits g...
Themes: Commitment, Perseverance, Servanthood
19 Students f...
Themes: Education, Leadership, Training, Ministers
20 Instructor...
Themes: Leadership, Pride, Training