2006, Touchstone Pictures, PG-13, Drama

Director:Justin Lin

Actors:James Franco, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordana Brewster, McCaleb Burnett

Plot:A young man from the wrong side of the tracks has his dream come true when he is accepted to the Naval Academy. But once there he is not sure he measures up against the best and the brightest.

Scene #1  Boxer who ...  (CV01784)

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1 Boxer who ...
Themes: Believing in Yourself, Giving Up, Overcoming Challenges
2 Navel Acad...
Themes: Calling, Excellence, Training
3 Lieutenant...
Themes: Consequences, Leadership, Mistakes
4 Recruits c...
Themes: Choices, Christian Walk, Work Ethic, Stewardship
5 Team loses...
Themes: Consequences, Leadership, Overconfidence, Unity
6 Man gets i...
Themes: Choices, Helping Others, Obedience
7 Recruit do...
Themes: Believing in Yourself, Giving Up, Intimidation
8 Head-stron...
Themes: Overconfidence, Prayer, Stubbornness
9 Man gains ...
Themes: Confidence, Confronting Evil, Faith
10 Four secon...
Themes: Christian Walk, Excellence, Unity, Works