Through Gates of Splendor

1967, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Elisabeth Elliot

Actors:Elisabeth Elliot, Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Pete Fleming

Plot:In one of the most gripping missionary sagas of our time, five missionaries go into the land of the savage Aucas. But their offer of friendship is rejected as the Aucas kill all five. Elisabeth Elliot, wife of one of the martyrs, her daughter and Rachel Saint would not give up. They eventually live among and bring the Gospel to the same Aucas who murdered their husbands. Narrated by Elisabeth Elliot.   CAUTION: contains original missionary film footage of natives which includes brief nudity.

Scene #1  Missionaries plan to reach the savage natives  (SV01601)

In September of 1955, the missionaries and their wives make plans to contact the never before reached Auca Indians, deep in the jungles of Ecuador.

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Missionaries plan to reach the savage natives (SV01601)

Movie: Through Gates of Splendor
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1 Missionaries plan to reach the savage natives
Themes: Communication, Creativity, Determination, Missions, Planning, Wisdom
2 First ever contact with elusive Aucas
Themes: Adventure, Communication, Confusion, Discovery, Friendliness, Missions
3 "Friendly" Indians murder missionaries
Themes: Fear, Loss, Martyrs, Missions, Misunderstanding, Sacrifice
4 Widow of martyr returns to murdering tribe
Themes: Bravery, Forgiveness, Martyrs, Missions, Misunderstanding, Unconditional Love