2014, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Thomas Meewes

Actors:Erik Hansen, Dr. Stefan Rhein, Joseph Fiennes, Alfred Molina

Plot:Using stunning dramatic footage from the 2003 theatrical film "Luther," starring Joseph Fiennes, this documentary gives a comprehensive overview of the great reformer's life and legacy.

Scene #1  Terrified Luther makes deal with God  (SV02211)

On July 2, 1505, Luther is returning to university on horseback and encounters a thunderstorm; lightning bolts strike near him!    Terrified of death and divine judgment, he cries out, "Don't let me die! I'll become a monk! I give myself to You! Just spare me!!"    (He came to view this cry for help as a vow he could never break - leaving law school, he enters a closed Augustinian friary in Erfurt on July, 17, 1505)

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Terrified Luther makes deal with God (SV02211)

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1 Terrified Luther makes deal with God
Themes: Calling, Commitment, Fear, God's Intervention, Destiny, Ministers
2 Tormented Luther cries for a merciful God
Themes: God's Judgment, Grace, Mercy, Guilt, Identity in Christ, Hell, Shame
3 Luther's revelation of faith on legalistic steps
Themes: Abuse of Power, Faith, Rebellion, Freedom, Greed, Legalism, Religion, Works
4 Luther makes fun of religious absurdities
Themes: Abuse of Power, Grace, Truth, Religion, Greed, Legalism, Works
5 Monk scares the hell INTO crowd!
Themes: Abuse of Power, Fear, Manipulation, Greed, Legalism, Hell, Religion, Works
6 Luther refuses to recant at "Diet of Worms"
Themes: Compromise, Convictions, Religion, Pressure, Persecution, Legalism, Truth
7 Protestants choose death than give up Bibles
Themes: Compromise, Convictions, Persecution, God's Word, Legalism, Denial with Dignity, Religion