Weird Tales 5

2011, C3 Entertainment, NR, Docu-drama

Director:Ted Faye

Actors:Ted Faye, Al Burke, Rhoda Pell, Don Danielson

Plot:On the edge of Death Valley stand the haunting remains of a town that was built to last: Rhyolite, Nevada. Founded in 1904 on a prospector's discovery of gold it soon became a magnet for those seeking quick riches. Hoping to be the "Chicago" of the West, its population swelled to nearly 10,000…but in less than two years it had dwindled to only 600, and soon was abandoned.

Scene #1  Prospector's accident causes gold rush in Nevada  (SV02541)

In the early 1900's, Nevada was booming with gold and silver fever and the towns of Tonopah and Goldfield were born - both made by major gold strikes.    Prospector Frank 'Shorty' Harris recalls that, "The country that is far away always looks best to a prospector."    So in the summer of 1904, Shorty and friend Eddie set out to seek their fortune in the same area. But after two months of toiling with nothing to show for it, Shorty goes looking for their lost burrows and starts picking away at some interesting rocks:   "Hellfire, Eddie - we've struck the jackpot!"    They stake out two claims that make them rich and soon word spreads and the rush is on!

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Prospector's accident causes gold rush in Nevada (SV02541)

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1 Prospector's accident causes gold rush in Nevada
Themes: Determination, Greed, Wealth, Money, Luck
2 Prospector's drunken binge costs him fortune
Themes: Alcoholism, Excessive, Loss, Foolishness, Self Control
3 Native American directs man to massive gold mine
Themes: Advice, Counsel, Wealth, Pride, Destiny, Greed, Wisdom
4 Promise of wealth creates town community overnight
Themes: Community, Greed, Vision, Progress, Unity
5 Nevada Crown Jewel becomes Ghost Town overnight
Themes: Deception, Fear, Influence, Lying, Greed, Gossip