Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch, Wardrobe, The

2005, Walt Disney Pictures, PG-13, Fantasy

Director:Andrew Adamson

Actors:Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes

Plot:C.S. Lewis' timeless adventure about Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter, four siblings who find the world of Narnia through a magical wardrobe . Once there, the children discover mythical creatures who inhabit a world that has been turned into eternal winter by the evil White Witch, Jadis.

Scene #1  Girl stumbles through wardrobe and into magical land  (CV01632)

The children decide to play "hide-and-seek" inside the professor's enormous mansion when Lucy enters a mysterious wardrobe. She continues to walk backwards through what seems like an unusual number of coats, until she begins to feel pine trees and a cold winter breeze. Turning around with large eyes of delight, she takes her first walk into the magical land of Narnia.

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Girl stumbles through wardrobe and into magical land (CV01632)

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1 Girl stumbles through wardrobe and into magical land
Themes: Adventure, Afterlife, Death, Salvation
2 Aslan stresses his deity to Witch in agreement
Themes: God's Character, Salvation, Satan
3 Aslan surrenders himself to be killed by evil hoards
Themes: Easter, Redemption, Sacrifice, Salvation
4 Aslan is killed, Witch proclaims victory
Themes: Easter, Redemption, Sacrifice, Salvation
5 Girls witness resurrection of Aslan
Themes: Easter, Redemption, Sacrifice, Salvation
6 During intense battle, Aslan brings victory by slaying Witch
Themes: Prayer, Protection, Rescue, Sacrifice
7 Family run...
Themes: Adversity, Obedience, Protection
8 Children t...
Themes: Authority, Fear, Instruction
9 Girl kidna...
Themes: Betrayal, Forgiveness, Friendship
10 Boy gives ...
Themes: Manipulation, Satan, Sin, Temptation
11 Siblings c...
Themes: Character, Family, Lying, Truth
12 Children b...
Themes: Mistakes, Responsibility, Sin
13 Children a...
Themes: Faith, Gifting, Stewardship
14 Young man ...
Themes: Destiny, Encouragement, Faith, Self Esteem
15 Young man ...
Themes: Believing in Yourself, Courage, Protection
16 Aslan conf...
Themes: Forgetting the Past, Forgiveness, Prayer, Sin
17 Children a...
Themes: Christianity, Identity in Christ, Salvation
18 Kings & qu...
Themes: Afterlife, Faith, Heaven
19 Child told...
Themes: Faith, Patience, Promises, Seek