2011, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Phillip Telfer, Colin Gunn

Actors:Dr. Jeff Myers, Mark Bauerlein, Bob Waliszewski, Dr. Ted Baehr, Dr. David Walsh

Plot:Have we entered a techno utopia or a virtual prison? Should we be celebrating unreservedly or should we be cautious and skeptical? Media and clinical experts address the unique media challenges we face today.

Scene #1  Technology from Telegraphs to TVs  (SV01971)

The telegraph's impact on society is examined. Long before the internet and Facebook came on the scene, telegraphs allowed humans to socialize across vast distances -- instantaneously and simultaneously.

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Technology from Telegraphs to TVs (SV01971)

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1 Technology from Telegraphs to TVs
Themes: Communication, Community, Ingenuity, Progress, Relationships, Romance, Wisdom
2 Media consumption's effect on children
Themes: Children, Excessive, Influence, Parenting, Self Control
3 Tricking the brain into accomplishment
Themes: Deception, Excessive, Futility, Influence, Mind Games, Moderation, Reward
4 Humans can't really multitask (The Titanic!)
Themes: Community, Consequences, Disaster, Distraction, Focus, Teen Issues, Truth, Warning
5 Addicted to FACEBOOK
Themes: Communication, Community, Excessive, God's Perspective, Gullible, Moderation, Reality, Relationships
6 Are digital tools making us stupid?
Themes: Community, Ego, Excessive, Ignorance, Self Examination, Self-indulgence, Teen Issues
Themes: Addiction, Family, Freedom, Influence, Parenting, Reward, Self Control
8 ADHD: medication or lifestyle change?
Themes: Discipline, Healing, Life Choices, Medicine, Parenting, Reward, Self Control, Success
9 Teen camp with no media for a year!
Themes: Addiction, Discipline, Focus, Freedom, Helping Others, Teen Issues, Training
10 It's OK to deny ourselves
Themes: Choices, Consequences, Excessive, Foolishness, Heart, Moderation, Wisdom