Won't You Be My Neighbor?

2018, Focus Features, PG-13, Documentary

Director:Morgan Neville

Actors:Fred Rogers, David Newell, Yo-Yo Ma

Plot:An exploration of the life, lessons, and legacy of iconic children's television host, Fred Rogers.

Scene #1  What is a ...  (CV09787)

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1 What is a ...
Themes: Belonging, Community, Unity, Conflict, Reality
2 Mr. Rogers...
Themes: Being Yourself, Communication, Witnessing, Ministers
3 Mr. Rogers...
Themes: Children, Enjoying Life, Meditation, Peace
4 Fred Roger...
Themes: Boldness, Confronting Evil, Prejudice, Leadership, Racism
5 Man touche...
Themes: Acceptance, God's Love, Father's Love, Father-Son, Love, Making a Difference
6 Mr. Rogers...
Themes: Boldness, Good vs Evil, Helping Others, Making a Difference
7 You are sp...
Themes: Criticism, God's Perspective, Self Esteem, Self Image, Identity in Christ
8 We are all...
Themes: Attitude, Calling, Purpose, Stewardship, Destiny
9 Everybody ...
Themes: Acceptance, Belonging, Community, God's Love, Love
10 People ask...
Themes: Discipleship, Influence, Mentoring, Relationships