Pacific Rim Uprising

2018, Universal Pictures, PG-13, Sci-Fi

Director:Steven S. DeKnight

Actors:John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny, Tian Jing, Rinko Kikuchi, Burn Gorman

Plot:Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, reunites with Mako Mori to lead a new generation of Jaeger pilots, including rival Lambert and 15-year-old hacker Amara, against a new Kaiju threat.

Scene #1  In a famil...  (CV09731)

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End Cue: *******

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1 In a famil...
Themes: Community, Family, Fighting, Forgiveness, Unity, Quarreling
2 Pilots mus...
Themes: Spiritual Warfare, Teamwork, Unity
3 Don't let ...
Themes: Pleasing Others, Self Esteem, Self Image, Self Worth
4 Giant mons...
Themes: Attack, Crisis, Terror, Spiritual Warfare, Helplessness
5 Young cade...
Themes: Advice, Disobedience, Experience vs Inexperience, Warning