Come Before Winter

2017, Vision Video, NR, Docu-drama

Director:Kevin Ekvall

Actors:Gus Lynch, Aubrey Wakeling, Rebecca Summers, Scotty Ray, Kelly Reed

Plot:Come Before Winter tells the true story of two longtime foes of Adolf Hitler; Sefton Delmer and Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer. During the dying days of the Third Reich these two men, in very different ways helped bring about the fall of Hitler's regime.

Scene #1  Britain's black propaganda plain to foil Hitler  (SV02601)

Sefton Delmer gleefully describes the plan to create a fake radio program - a top secret British Special Operations mission - to help bring down Hitler. His team includes Ian Fleming, future author of the James Bond series; and Agnes Bernelle, a German actress and singer who lived in England for most of her life.

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Britain's black propaganda plain to foil Hitler (SV02601)

Movie: Come Before Winter
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1 Britain's black propaganda plain to foil Hitler
Themes: Deception, Evil Men, Fake, War Heroes, Planning, Mind Games
2 The team celebrate their Black Propaganda working
Themes: Celebration, Deception, Evil Men, Victory, Success, Mind Games, War
3 Operation Flash' attempt on Hitler's life fails
Themes: Courage, Deception, Evil Men, Impossible Odds, Failure, Risk, War Heroes
4 Bonhoeffer is executed just before rescue
Themes: Cruelty, Death, Evil Men, Martyrs, Persecution, Injustice, War Heroes