Jesus Revealed

2011, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:David Batty, Chris Stone

Actors:Andy Frost, Selva Rasalingam

Plot:It's time to encounter the authentic Jesus! In this fresh and innovative series of short teaching films, church leader and gifted communicator Andy Frost asks us to take a new look at Jesus. Is He the Jesus we think we know?    (Dramatized scenes from Big Book Media's UK TV series, "The Story of Jesus")

Scene #3  Jesus the Underdog  (SV02022)

The Nativity and Jesus ministering is dramatized (and what a Jesus this is!).    "But how do His humble beginnings affect us? The truth is that God chose to come to earth as an underdog; it was a deliberate act. Not a random outcome or insignificant detail; God chose to be poor, to be vulnerable, to be cloaked in ordinary flesh and blood..."    (Suggested alternative use: mute narration and add custom dramatic music)    (Disc 1, Episode 1)

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Jesus the Underdog (SV02022)

Movie: Jesus Revealed
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1 The Nativity dramatized & discussed
Themes: Christmas, God's Plan, Hardships, Jesus, Redemption
2 Just a story or history's greatest event?
Themes: Easter, Jesus, Redemption, Sacrifice, Salvation, Suffering
3 Jesus the Underdog
Themes: Christian Walk, Christmas, Easter, God's Plan, Identity in Christ, Jesus, Servanthood
4 Jesus, our Hero, defeats Death
Themes: Easter, God's Love, Jesus, Prophecy, Redemption, Salvation