Mama Heidi

2003, Vision Video, G, Documentary

Director:Eric Velu

Actors:Heidi Baker, Rolland Baker

Plot:In 1994, Heidi and Rolland Baker arrive in Mozambique amidst the hard times following the Mozambique Civil War. They decide to go and work with the poorest of the poor. They adopt a dilapidated orphanage and make a difference by caring for, educating, and feeding the children.

Scene #1  African medical clinic experiences miracle  (SV00932)

Mozambique missionary Heidi Baker shares an incredible story of how their medical clinic was denied a license. To make matters worse, it is ravaged with a cholera epidemic. She is given special access to the hospital where all the cholera patients are being quarantined, and God supernaturally intervenes---healing every patient! The doctors say, “Your god is God, we want to work for you!” Needless to say, they get their license.

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African medical clinic experiences miracle (SV00932)

Movie: Mama Heidi
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1 African medical clinic experiences miracle
Themes: Miracles
2 Missionary attacked at gunpoint experiences miraculous escape.
Themes: Miracles
3 Missionary overcomes burnout after vision of Jesus
Themes: Compassion, Helping Others, Ministers
4 Teen of prominent missionary discusses living by faith
Themes: Missions
5 Missionary says gospel is loving the ONE in front of you
Themes: Compassion, Baptism