My Son, My Savior

2015, Vision Video, NR, Drama

Director:Steven J. Boettcher

Actors:Corrina Crade, Bruce Marchiano, Steven Koehler, Francisco C. Torres, Neil Vanides

Plot:Portrayal of the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his mother. Using the Gospel accounts as its framework, we see how Mary responded to the events of Jesus' life and how her understanding of Jesus’ mission grew over time.

Scene #6  Jesus' Crucifixion, conversation with Mary  (SV02366)

As Isaiah 53 is quoted, Jesus is Crucified. While hanging on the cross, Mary sheds tears as she converses with her son and reflects back on His life.

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Jesus' Crucifixion, conversation with Mary (SV02366)

Movie: My Son, My Savior
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1 Mary ponders Messiah's arrival, angelic visit
Themes: Angels, Christmas, Jesus, Prophesy, God's Word, Faith, Virginity
2 Mary & Elizabeth meet, discuss their miracles
Themes: Children, Christmas, Jesus, Miracles, Relatives, Women
3 The Nativity birth, angel alerts shepherds
Themes: Angels, Christmas, Jesus, Fulfillment, God's Word, Redemption
4 Young Jesus accidentally left behind
Themes: Bible Illustration, Calling, Confidence, Jesus, Destiny, Parenting
5 Jesus' first miracle turning water into wine
Themes: Bible Illustration, Helping Others, Jesus, Miracles, Mother-Son, Ministers, Servanthood, Pressure
6 Jesus' Crucifixion, conversation with Mary
Themes: Easter, Jesus, Sacrifice, Mother-Son, Redemption
7 Jesus' Resurrection, appears to disciples
Themes: Easter, Jesus, Sacrifice, Mother-Son, Redemption, Resurrection