Blessedness out of Brokenness

2015, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Ken Curtis

Actors:Ken Curtis, Burl Cain, Cathy Fontenot

Plot:Louisiana State Penitentiary, often called “Angola,” is home to some 5,000 inmates, most of whom are sentenced for life. Ken Curtis, founder of Vision Video, visits Angola State Prison. As he was reflecting on the beatitudes in light of his journey with cancer, Ken wanted to learn from the stories of inmates that bring clarity to Jesus’ teaching.

Scene #10  Death Row execution room seen and discussed  (SV02430)

Angola is home to over 5,000 inmates, with most sentenced to life, and where 95% will die. With this in mind, Ken sadly gives reflection (including his own of being diagnoses with incurable cancer) in the prison's execution room.

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Death Row execution room seen and discussed (SV02430)

Movie: Blessedness out of Brokenness
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1 Warden explains successful prison culture
Themes: Change, Culture, Leadership, Influence, Violence, God's Word
2 Warden forced to do parent's job in prison
Themes: Children, Consequences, Training, Discipline, Rules, Parenting
3 Warden credits God for prison's lack of violence
Themes: Culture, God's Intervention, Leadership, Training, Influence, Peace, Violence
4 Female assistant warden discusses prison's low violence
Themes: Change, Culture, Violence, Trust, Women
5 Warden's most proud of prison church and preachers
Themes: Change, Church, Leadership, God's Intervention, Discipleship
6 "Lifer" also pastor, teacher, lawyer on Death Row
Themes: Counsel, Death, Training, Helping Others, Education, Ministers
7 Inmates raise money to buy "Killer Church Bell"
Themes: Church, Community, History, God's Intervention, Life Choices
8 Founder of Malachi Dads program explains passion
Themes: Cursed, Father-Son, Restoration, Vision, Reconciliation, Ministers
9 Prison Rodeo: "If you bring (the public) we'll be worthy"
Themes: Challenges, Excellence, Honor, Values, Gifting, Integrity
10 Death Row execution room seen and discussed
Themes: Afterlife, Consequences, Sickness, Justice, Death, Life Choices