Sing Over Me

2014, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Jacob Kindberg

Actors:Dennis Jernigan, Melinda Jernigan, Chuck King, Robert Jernigan

Plot:An intimate portrait of Dennis Jernigan, the man behind some of the biggest Christian songs of all time and his lifelong struggle with homosexuality.

Scene #7  Christian leader betrays honesty  (SV02257)

A very desperate and suicidal Dennis is befriended by a Christian leader: husband, father, respected and well known in the community. After months of investing in the troubled teen's life, Dennis finally shares his darkest secret; a last, desperate cry for help. The leader, however, responds with a sexual proposition!

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Christian leader betrays honesty (SV02257)

Movie: Sing Over Me
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1 Dennis' sad beginnings
Themes: Child Abuse, Deception, Evil Men, Family, Homosexuality, Father-Son
2 Grandmother provides oasis for troubled grandson
Themes: Bullying, Confusion, Deception, Spiritual Warfare, Homosexuality, Parenting
3 Piano passion provides refuge
Themes: Bullying, Escape, Provision, God's Intervention, Music, Gifting, Refuge
4 'Safe-place' offered to the hurting
Themes: Church, Helping Others, Refuge, Safety, Ministers, Listening
5 Impact of Keith Green, 2nd Chapter of Acts
Themes: Influence, Ministers, Rejection, Shame, Music, Self Worth
6 Dennis starts to date amidst shame
Themes: Confusion, Dating, Failure, Romance, Homosexuality, Shame
7 Christian leader betrays honesty
Themes: Betrayal, Confusion, Evil Men, Honesty, Homosexuality, Ulterior Motives
8 Desires healed - Dennis gets married
Themes: Deliverance, Healing, Honesty, Homosexuality, Marriage, Passion within Marriage