Until Forever

2016, Vision Video, NR, Drama

Director:Michael Linn

Actors:Stephen Anthony Bailey, Madison Lawlor, Hayden Loven, Jamie Anderson

Plot:When a medical diagnosis shatters a young couple's dreams, their love and faith are tested to the limits. Based on the true story of Michael Boyum.

Scene #1  Young man/family receive bad news of cancer  (SV02481)

A short time after Michael and Michelle start a romantic relationship, Michael and his family are called into a medical conference room where the couple and his family are informed that Michael has acute myelogenous leukemia, a very aggressive type of cancer. He is told to go home, pack his bags, as he is to move into a hospital room indefinitely.

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Young man/family receive bad news of cancer (SV02481)

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1 Young man/family receive bad news of cancer
Themes: Bad News, Family, Sickness, Fear, Horror, Storms of Life, Support
2 Cancer patient faith-offer backfires with atheist
Themes: Defending the Faith, God's Word, Honesty, Persecution, Witnessing, Unbelievers
3 Believing, atheist patients become friends
Themes: Acceptance, Creation vs Evolution, Defending the Faith, Friendship, God's Word, Unbelievers
4 Couple discuss eternity after patient's relapse
Themes: Blaming God, Death, Sickness, Eternity, God's Perspective, Optimism
5 Girl gives terminal fiancé special night
Themes: Creativity, Enjoying Life, Unexpected, Romance, Love
6 Family receives bad news of cancer relapse
Themes: Bad News, Death, Family, Unexpected, Sickness, Support