Gospel of John, The

2003, ThinkFilms, PG-13, Drama

Director:Phillip Saville

Actors:Henry Ian Cusick, Christopher Plummer, Alan Van Sprang, Stephen Russell, Daniel Kash, Stuart Bunce, Diana Berriman, Richard Lintern

Plot:This widely acclaimed motion picture is a meticulous recreation of the turbulent era of Jesus and the events that changed the course of history. Intimate and reflective, it's the bold and powerful story of Jesus as told by His disciple John. Narrated by Christopher Plummer.

Scene #2  The triumphal entry of Jesus on a donkey  (SV00721)

At the feast of the Passover in Jerusalem, the people welcome Jesus with palm branches and shouts of "Hosanna!" Jesus rides in on a donkey, fulfilling prophecy.

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The triumphal entry of Jesus on a donkey (SV00721)

Movie: Gospel of John, The
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1 Jesus gives final teaching at Last Supper
Themes: Bible Illustration
2 The triumphal entry of Jesus on a donkey
Themes: Bible Illustration, God's Word, Prophecy, Jesus, Jealousy
3 Jesus tells official his son is healed
Themes: Bible Illustration
4 Jesus answers religious leaders about His deity
Themes: Bible Illustration
5 Disciples run to empty tomb, Mary sees Jesus
Themes: Easter
6 Adulterous woman is brought to Jesus
Themes: Bible Illustration
7 Jesus heals the man born blind
Themes: Bible Illustration
8 Jesus tells Martha He's the Resurrection and Life
Themes: Easter
9 Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead
Themes: Confidence, Death, Jesus, Friendship, Miracles, Resurrection
10 Jesus washes the disciples' feet
Themes: Bible Illustration
11 Jesus overturns the tables in the temple
Themes: Bible Illustration
12 Jesus heals the lame man at Bethesda
Themes: Bible Illustration
13 Explanation of who Jesus is
Themes: Bible Illustration
14 Miracle of feeding the 5000
Themes: Bible Illustration
15 Miracle of walking on the water
Themes: Bible Illustration
16 Jesus teaches not to judge by appearance
Themes: Bible Illustration
17 John the Baptist speaks of Jesus
Themes: Bible Illustration
18 Mary washe...
Themes: Bible Illustration
19 Jesus the ...
Themes: Bible Illustration
20 Jesus expl...
Themes: Bible Illustration