1040: Christianity in the New Asia

2010, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Evan Leong

Actors:Jaeson Ma, MC Hammer, Mike Bickle, MC Jin, Van Ness Wu

Plot:Artist and minister Jaeson Ma takes us on an explosive journey through countries in the '10/40 Window'- a region between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator - including China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia. Through incisive observations, intimate interviews with prominent leaders and celebrities, and powerful, never-before-heard stories, 1040 dynamically explores a part of our globe that is now nothing less than the frontier of world Christianity.

Scene #4  Asian celebrity infatuation and "suicide clubs"  (SV01734)

"To influence the youth of a nation, you first have to understand its culture."    The youth of Korea is discussed, including its pop stars, suicide clubs and an interview with the manager of actor Daniel Henney (X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

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Asian celebrity infatuation and "suicide clubs" (SV01734)

Movie: 1040: Christianity in the New Asia
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1 Leaders discuss Asia's end time prominence
Themes: Evangelism, Influence, Missions, Prophecy, Revival, Spiritual Warfare
2 Animated short on Asia's religious history
Themes: Culture, Good vs Evil, History, Idolatry, Religion, Sin, Temptation
3 Easter Sunday at City Hall in Seoul, Korea
Themes: Christianity, Church, Community, Evangelism, Influence, Revival
4 Asian celebrity infatuation and "suicide clubs"
Themes: Fame, Foolishness, Idolatry, Suicide, Teen Issues
5 Church's radical all night Wednesday service
Themes: Church, Holy Spirit, Revival, Seeking God
6 Asian-American rapper MC Jin's testimony
Themes: Christian Walk, Destiny, Fame, God's Intervention, Obedience, Self-sacrifice, Temptation
7 Taiwan pop-star pledges sexual abstinence
Themes: Abstinence, Christian Walk, Fame, Lust, Sex, Teen Issues, Temptation, Transformation
8 Youth crusades of dynamic Indonesian pastor
Themes: Deliverance, Evangelism, God's Intervention, Ministers, Passion, Reconciliation, Revival, Seeking God
9 Girl has evil-spirit cast out at youth crusade
Themes: Bondage, Deliverance, Holy Spirit, Freedom, Demons, Good vs Evil, Ministers, Prayer Answered