Hoop Dreams

1994, Westchester Films, PG-13, Documentary

Director:Steve James

Actors:William Gates, Arthur Agee, Curtis Gates, Sheila Agee, Emma Gates, Arthur 'Bo' Agee, Gene Pingatore

Plot:They have nothing except talent and a dream in this tough Chicago neighborhood. Hoop Dreams is the critically acclaimed true-life story of Arthur Agee and William Gates and the unforgettable five year experience that turns them into men. Against all odds, these boys prove that with faith, talent and a little luck, anyone can achieve the American Dream.

Scene #2  Gifted player destroys career with attitude  (SV01712)

Curtis Gates tries to give his younger brother William basketball tips while watching a game on TV. Curtis had amazing basketball skills which resulted in a college scholarship and a possible NBA future. Unfortunately, a rotten attitude aborted his professional dream, as the "uncoachable" talent ends up as a security guard instead.

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Gifted player destroys career with attitude (SV01712)

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1 Kids dream of playing in NBA
Themes: Dreams, Gifting, Goals, Impossible Odds, Parenting
2 Gifted player destroys career with attitude
Themes: Attitude, Destiny, Foolishness, Disappointment, Maturity, Gifting, Mistakes, Teen Issues, Remorse
3 Son sees father's hypocrisy in church
Themes: Addiction, Bitterness, Unforgiving, Hypocrisy, Father-Son, Remorse
4 Drug-pushers provide cool clothes for athletes
Themes: Child Abuse, Compromise, Evil Men, Deception, Guilt, Manipulation, Poverty
5 Older son finally beats dishonest father
Themes: Cheating, Competitiveness, Pride, Father-Son, Maturity, Integrity