Taking the Hill

2011, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Lawrence Reid

Actors:Raul Ries, Pete Cicatelli, Pete Silva, Tom Kamagtaris

Plot:Forty years after fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, Pastor Raul Ries experienced flashbacks for the first time. His struggle motivated him to find three of his closest comrades, men who had fought along side him in the Marine Corp unit ALPHA 1/7. Ries discovered that these men were also suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Together again, they embark on a journey of discovery, a journey that takes Ries back to Vietnam and all three onto the path of healing and wholeness.

Scene #9  Veterans emotional at Memorial Wall  (SV01959)

Vietnam War veteran buddies -- Raul Ries, Pete Cicatelli, Tom Kamagtaris and Pete Silva -- meet up at Washington, D.C.'s Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.    "Touching those names, that we have known in Vietnam, that now are gone... For us it was not only a time of weeping and crying, but a time of uniting."

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Veterans emotional at Memorial Wall (SV01959)

Movie: Taking the Hill
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1 Actual footage of U.S. Military in Iraq
Themes: Bravery, Confronting Evil, Men, Risk, War
2 Pastor/Vietnam vet paralyzed with flashback
Themes: Consequences, Mental Illness, Nightmare, Sickness, Terror, War
3 Veterans recall first experience in Vietnam
Themes: Experience vs Inexperience, Fear, Reality, Survival, War
4 Trauma of killing for first time
Themes: Death, Duty, Feelings, Horror, Life, War
5 Man recalls losing legs in action
Themes: Friendship, Heroes, Horror, Overcoming Challenges, Sacrifice, Veterans, War
6 Soldiers recall horror of killing civilians
Themes: Change, Depression, Horror, Influence, Regrets, Shame, War
7 Angry vet abuses family; commits adultery
Themes: Abuse, Adultery, Condemnation, Guilt, Influence, Marriage, Sickness, War
8 Murderous vet swayed by TV preacher
Themes: Evangelism, Ministers, Miracles, Reconciliation, Salvation, Sinner, Transformation
9 Veterans emotional at Memorial Wall
Themes: Friendship, Loss, Sorrow, Tragedy, Veterans, War Heroes
10 Veterans discuss Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Themes: Consequences, Forgetting the Past, Healing, Mental Illness, Nightmare, Stress, Veterans, War Heroes