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    ScreenVue is an online resource for churches and ministries looking for movie scenes to use in their teachings for illustrative purposes.  We offer movie Scenes from major studios, independent studios, and Christian studios - many of these unique and very hard to find.                                                                       (*ScreenVue use is limited to movies from your country's Producers List, only.) 


    Become a CVLI (Christian Video License International) license holder -- a prerequisite before using ScreenVue Scenes.

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  • What resources are offered by ScreenVue?

    ScreenVue offers (2) different types of Scenes:


    SCENE IDEAS: The over 9,000 Scene Ideas on the site can be used as an "Idea (whether downloadable or not)."

    To use a SCENE IDEA, Login, then:
    • * Choose a Scene (by selecting a MOVIE, a THEME, or by using SEARCH).
    • * Utilize the displayed start/stop times, synopsis and suggested themes.
    • * Have the specific DVD cued to the appropriate start time (by using the DVD you already have).
    • * You're now ready to show the scene to your audience at just the right time in your message!


    SCENE DOWNLOADS (not included in Standard Membership; can also be used as Scene Ideas): This gives you the ability to access over 1,000 Scenes, and download them right from our website. Most are offered in different formats (ALL SCENE DOWNLOADS CAN BE PREVIEWED BY ANYONE!).

    To use a SCENE DOWNLOAD, Login, then:
    • * Choose a Scene (by selecting a MOVIE, a THEME, or by using SEARCH).
    • * Click the PREVIEW button to preview the Scene first if desired.
    • * Click the DOWNLOAD button and choose desired format.
    • * Click SAVE, and specify where you want the file saved to.
    • * Implement the file into your chosen presentation software!

  • Assurance of Legal Coverage (with the Church Video License - US only)

    All ScreenVue Scene Ideas and Scene Downloads are 100% covered for public performance by the Church Video License. With ScreenVue and CVLI, you can rest assured, knowing you’re doing things right.

    ScreenVue does not necessarily endorse the entire content of any movie from which a scene has been selected.