Little Princess, The

1939, Public Domain, G, Family

Director:William A. Seiter, Walter Lang

Actors:Shirley Temple, Ian Hunter, Cesar Romero, Richard Greene, Mary Nash, Anita Louise, Arthur Treacher

Plot:Set in turn-of-the-century England, the film finds Sara being enrolled in a boarding school by her wealthy widowed father who must head off to war. At first, Sara is treated like royalty, but when her father is reported killed in the war, circumstances are severely altered.

Scene #1  Off to war, Captain leaves daughter sobbing  (SV02471)

Captain Crewe and his daughter Sara say their goodbyes at Miss Minchin's School for Girls as he is about to leave to fight in the Second Boer War. Even though Sara tries to be brave ("My daddy has to go away, but he'll return most any day..."), she is left sobbing at her window once he is gone.

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Off to war, Captain leaves daughter sobbing (SV02471)

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1 Off to war, Captain leaves daughter sobbing
Themes: Bravery, Brokenhearted, Family, War, Father-Daughter, Parenting
2 Girl thanks God for quick answer to prayer
Themes: Community, Father-Daughter, Safety, Fear, Prayer, Prayer Answered
3 Little girl goes from Princess to Pauper in moments
Themes: Bad News, Death, Loss, Wealth, Poverty, Father-Daughter
4 Man acquitted of stealing kiss!
Themes: Accusation, Judging, Justice, Romance, Love
5 Servant girls wake up to fire, food and fun!
Themes: Faith, Generosity, Thanksgiving, Provision, Kindness, Helping Others
6 Orphaned girl miraculously finds lost father
Themes: Family Heritage, Father-Daughter, Hope, Miracles, Reconciliation, Salvation