It's a Wonderful Life

1946, Public Domain, G, Classics

Director:Frank Capra

Actors:Thomas Mitchell, James Stewart, H.B. Warner, Henry Travers, Lionel Barrymore, Donna Reed

Plot:No one is born to be a failure. No one is poor who has friends. Simple thoughts that were the inspiration for one of the richest, most uplifting, most beloved American films ever made. Frank Capra's classic tale of George Bailey and his Christmas Eve visit by a guardian angel.

Scene #6  George rejoices at Christmas  (SV00629)

In this classic scene, George Bailey has been given a second chance at life. He runs through the streets rejoicing, and yelling "Merry Christmas!" Then, returning home, he finds that despite the problems he faces, he is truly glad to be alive and with his family.

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George rejoices at Christmas (SV00629)

Movie: It's a Wonderful Life
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1 Angels decide to help George
Themes: Prayer
2 Daughter asks father to fix something
Themes: Family
3 George offers up a simple prayer
Themes: Prayer
4 Son talks about life's plans
Themes: Counsel, Father-Son, Life Choices, Mentoring
5 George pleads for his former life
Themes: Despair
6 George rejoices at Christmas
7 George's friends come to his rescue
Themes: Friendship
8 George learns how truly rich he is
Themes: Community, Family, Restoration, Friendship, Joy, Priorities
9 Dancehall converts into a swimming pool
Themes: Enjoying Life, Hidden Danger, Sin, Unexpected, Unknown
10 George tells Mary he'll get her the moon
Themes: Dating, Promises, Relationships, Romance
11 Mary ask George to come in to visit
Themes: Dating, Flirting, Mother-Daughter, Relationships