Once We Were Slaves

2014, Vision Video, NR, Drama

Director:Dallas Jenkins

Actors:Stelio Savante, Christopher Maleki, Richard Cotovsky, Jonathan Roumie

Plot:2,000 years ago, two Jewish prisoners await their fate in a Jerusalem jail cell. One, a lifelong criminal and a rebel against the Roman occupation, is resigned to his death. The other, a lifelong rabbinical student and peacemaker, refuses to accept his fate. As the afternoon progresses, their history is revealed, a history that leads them to a shocking encounter with a mysterious man who changes their lives forever.

Scene #3  Thieves ridicule, question Jesus on cross  (SV02263)

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do," utters Jesus in his last moments.    Afterwards, one thief taunts and challenges Jesus, while the other asks to be remembered.    "Today, you will be with me in paradise."    After all three are dead, a great storm's water begins washing away the men's wounds...

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Thieves ridicule, question Jesus on cross (SV02263)

Movie: Once We Were Slaves
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1 The two thieves witness Barabbas' freedom
Themes: Easter, Jesus, Justice, Salvation, Redemption
2 The two thieves flogged and placed by Jesus
Themes: Accusation, Easter, Jesus, Justice, Salvation, Redemption
3 Thieves ridicule, question Jesus on cross
Themes: Accusation, Easter, Forgiveness, Jesus, Heaven, Redemption, Salvation