World War I Military Chaplains

2015, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Gary Wilkinson

Actors:Crawford Telfer, Dr. Neil Allision, Rev. Dr. Peter Howson, Dr. Michael Snape, Rev. Ieuan Elfryn Jones, Ben Small

Plot:Military chaplains, men of faith serving in World War I, found themselves facing the gruesome reality of modern warfare. Serving side by side with soldiers in the trenches, chaplains became essential to the spiritual and psychological needs of those under their care.

Scene #4  Salvation Army's widespread impact during war  (SV02435)

The Salvation Army worked tirelessly for their soldiers. They worked very hard to promote women's ministry (unusual for that period, as women worked in every area that they could; behind the lines and even working in the forward trenches!), all while promoting the Gospel whenever they could.    (Part 3 of DVD)

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Salvation Army's widespread impact during war (SV02435)

Movie: World War I Military Chaplains
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1 WWI Chaplain deployment and responsibilities
Themes: Leaders, Ministers, Sacrifice, Responsibility, Veterans, Risk, War
2 YMCA's widespread impact during war
Themes: Duty, Helping Others, Refuge, War, Volunteers, Ministers
3 Chaplain's challenges in front line trenches
Themes: Danger, Faith, Stress, Helping Others, Ministers, Risk
4 Salvation Army's widespread impact during war
Themes: Civil Rights, Culture, War, Volunteers, Women, Ministers
5 Bible's WWI impact, including literally saving lives!
Themes: Destiny, Encouragement, Protection, Miracles, God's Word