1040: Christianity in the New Asia

2010, Vision Video, NR, Documentary

Director:Evan Leong

Actors:Jaeson Ma, MC Hammer, Mike Bickle, MC Jin, Van Ness Wu

Plot:Artist and minister Jaeson Ma takes us on an explosive journey through countries in the '10/40 Window'- a region between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator - including China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia. Through incisive observations, intimate interviews with prominent leaders and celebrities, and powerful, never-before-heard stories, 1040 dynamically explores a part of our globe that is now nothing less than the frontier of world Christianity.

Scene #2  Animated short on Asia's religious history  (SV01732)

"What kind of faith do people in Asia actually believe in?" asks the filmmaker.    There are clues that reveal the presence of Christianity in ancient Asian cultures, as this animated short demonstrates. The Chinese character for "temptation" is made up of three elements: two trees and a female.

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Animated short on Asia's religious history (SV01732)

Movie: 1040: Christianity in the New Asia
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1 Leaders discuss Asia's end time prominence
Themes: Evangelism, Influence, Missions, Prophecy, Revival, Spiritual Warfare
2 Animated short on Asia's religious history
Themes: Culture, Good vs Evil, History, Idolatry, Religion, Sin, Temptation
3 Easter Sunday at City Hall in Seoul, Korea
Themes: Christianity, Church, Community, Evangelism, Influence, Revival
4 Asian celebrity infatuation and "suicide clubs"
Themes: Fame, Foolishness, Idolatry, Suicide, Teen Issues
5 Church's radical all night Wednesday service
Themes: Church, Holy Spirit, Revival, Seeking God
6 Asian-American rapper MC Jin's testimony
Themes: Christian Walk, Destiny, Fame, God's Intervention, Obedience, Self-sacrifice, Temptation
7 Taiwan pop-star pledges sexual abstinence
Themes: Abstinence, Christian Walk, Fame, Lust, Sex, Teen Issues, Temptation, Transformation
8 Youth crusades of dynamic Indonesian pastor
Themes: Deliverance, Evangelism, God's Intervention, Ministers, Passion, Reconciliation, Revival, Seeking God
9 Girl has evil-spirit cast out at youth crusade
Themes: Bondage, Deliverance, Holy Spirit, Freedom, Demons, Good vs Evil, Ministers, Prayer Answered